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Boilie Funnel Web system

The inherent problem with pva stringers (that is 2 to 10 boilies threaded to a piece of pva string and ties to the hook before casting) is the fact that pva shrinks as it melts.

If you do not space out the baits and make sure they stay spaced in flight there is a risk that they will get stuck together as the pva string melts, contracts and pulls all the baits together.

The water can no longer attack the pva because it the boilies are glued together so the whole lot ends up stuck in a line which the fish will have to swallow whole or knock around before each bait can get eaten.

Using Korda Boilie Funnel Web system

Use at least 60% of Dynamite Meat and Marine in any mix. Here we are mixing it with 40% Amino Black which adds attraction and darkens the mix.

In the summer months we add loads of Mainline Fossoil. It's cheap and the fish love the smell and taste, it also darkens the mix further still and extends the melt time of the PVA.

Dynamite Meat and Marine

Sieve out some spod mix and add some groundbait to it to dry it out and oil it up; both stop the PVA from melting. Load neat groundbait down the tube and then some spod mix version and compress hard.

Then some spod mix version and compress hard using a Korda Kompreessa.

Push the Kompressed bait stick out of the tube

Tie off the PVA as if making a standard bag and cut between the knots ready for the next one.
Korda Funnel Web

Using a stringer needle which has the hook squeezed closer to prevent snagging the PVA, pull the hook link, which is finished off with a loop, back through the stick. The hook pulls into the neat groundbait ensuring no grains of hemp mask the hook

Its that simple, and know you have your rig ready to go.
Carp Rig

What it looks like in the water

With the mixer right next to your hook bait this is truly targeted.


The PVA bag breaks down and you have the perfect presentation.

Quick Tip

Mix the boilie crumb as groundbait as in step 1, but in 50/50 ratio. This allows the boilie mix to break up on the bottom. Biolie crumb alone would remain stuck together.

Thanks to Korda for pics and info

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